Conserving the environment through recycled tissue products

Environmental Protection Agencies study in the year 2001 concluded that using one ton of 100% recycled paper saves 4,100 KWH of energy (enough to power the average home for six months) and also keeps more than 60 pounds of pollution out of the air. Paper industry representatives have estimated that one-ton of recycled paper saves approximately 17 trees.

The world could save millions of trees if everyone traded one roll of regular toilet paper for a recycled roll. That’s just for one roll! Imagine if we all made the permanent switch to recycled toilet paper; originally recycled paper was noticeably inferior to non-recycled paper, however the gap has closed considerably and in many cases you cannot tell the difference.

We have taken initiative to conserve environment by innovating a range of recycled tissue products. Flora, our leading recycled brand offers consumers a quality & affordable tissue products in the spirit of conserving our environment.

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